lunes, 26 de octubre de 2009

IMMD(It made my day)

En esta pagina la gente escribe cosas que le han pasado o que han visto a lo largo del día que realmente les han alegrado, hecho reir o algo similar. El titulo viene de la frase de Harry el sucio :
"Go ahead, make my day"("Alegrame el día"). Algunas contribuciones:

I was in class today, when a breeze rolled in and someone yelled “Wind!” I yelled back “Earth!” That was followed quickly by “Fire! Water! Heart!” I was the one who got to summon Captain Planet. IMMD.

I just watched a 70 year old professor skateboard to his next class. IMMD

My friend hit me in the head with a hacky-sack. A young bystander exclaimed, “Headshot!” IMMD

Today my girlfriend’s period started again. She said:”Oh honey, it’s blow job week again.” IMMD

My girlfriend and I went to a Renaissance Fair, and she talked me into wearing a kilt. While we were browsing a shop, some old woman asked what I was wearing underneath it. Without missing a beat, my girlfriend replied “My lipstick.” The old woman turned bright red. IMMD.

On the first day of Japanese language class, we had to introduce ourselves and tell everybody why we were taking the class. The last guy’s answer? “I wanna fight Godzilla!!” IMMD

I told my mom that I was gonna go see new moon(Luna nueva, ultima pelicula de la saga de Crepúsculo) just to ruin it for other people by yelling rude things. She high fived me and said "don’t get caught." IMMD

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Helrik dijo...
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Helrik dijo...

Me apunto lo de Godzilla para la proxima vez que alguien me pregunte por que estudio japones xD

Ginko dijo...

Blowjob week,blowjob week!!!