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Post de G.R.R Martin hacia los fans españoles

Here's a shout out to all my friends and readers in Spain.

I should really write this post in Spanish. Unfortunately, I don't speak Spanish. Alas, I have always been crap with languages other than English (yes, even Dothraki and High Valyrian, and those are simple compared to Ghiscari). I blush to admit that after living in New Mexico for more than thirty years, all the Spanish I have picked up consists of words like "burrito" and "sopapilla" and "chimichanga." Oh, and "farolito," but only around Christmas.

But never mind about my personal failings. I may suck at Spanish, but I love Spain. Parris and I have visited twice, and always had such a wonderful time. The Semana Negra, held every summer in Gijon, is one of our favorite conventions/ festivals/ fairs/ carnivals/ literary gatherings in the whole world, and we hope to go back again. And the Spanish fans are amazing.

So... here's various bits of news just for my Spanish readers.

The HBO series will be shown in Spain on Canal +. We do have an official premiere date from them, I'm pleased to say. They will be airing the first episode on May 9.

Canal + has set up a Spanish website for the series. You can find it at

They're also been translating many of the HBO teasers and trailers, and adding some original content of their own, including introducing and commentary by the noted Spanish filmmaker Alex de la Iglesia. You can check out some of the Canal + videos at .

Finally, I wanted to give a shout-out to our friends at the Generacion X bookshop in Madrid, who hosted a wonderful signing for us the last time I visited Spain. ((My fingers are still cramped from that one.)) If you're looking for an Ice & Fire t-shirt, Generacion X is the place to go. They are now carrying a full line of tees featuring the heraldry of some of the major houses of the Seven Kingdoms : Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Greyjoy, and Baratheon.

These are NOT the HBO designs, I should add. Those are available through HBO's On-Line store at No, these are Generacion X's own versions of the original line of t-shirts offered by Mystic Spiral Traders ( ). The Mystic Spiral designs have been unavailable for some time (Parris lost her silk screener, is what happened, but does plan to reopen if she can ever find a new one half as good as the one she lost), but now, thanks to Generacion X, those great designs from Moria Peters and Raya Golden will once again be available.

Of course, the Generacion X shirts will not be exactly like Mystic Spiral's versions. The text is all in Spanish, for a start, and our friends in Madrid have played with the colors some, and used their own inks, fabrics, etc. But they've sent us a big box of the shirts, and we think they're nifty... so if you'd like a tee with a Spanish flair, give them a ring.

You can email the shop at or phone them in Madrid at 91-447-07-46. They have a website too, I believe, but just now I can't seem to find it.

So... that's the latest from Spain. Parris and I both hope to return for another Semana Negra soon. Until then, we send all our best to our friends at Generacion X, Canal +, Gigamesh, and of course the wild and wonderful fans of Asshai. Let's have another chorus of "Un Oso..."

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Disfraz Pedobear

Aqui os dejo una foto del disfraz de pedobear...esta genial!!!

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Hola xicos,comopodreis intuir x l titulo dl post, ya tengo l movil nuevoooo y stoy ponirndo ste mnsaje dsd l movil.
Querria haber puesto una foto xo n se muy bien :S. Bueno un bso.xao!

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La vida secreta de Dave

Lo vi el otro día en una tienda y no he podido evitarlo xD

Resacón en la Mansión de los X-men

Lobezno, Coloso , Rondador nocturno y lo que parece ser un bebe-ciclope xD

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martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Sugerencias del bazar de Xbox

A continuación os dejo un listado de todo lo que he bajado del bazar. Os dejo un apartado al principio de "destacados/recomendados" y luego el resto. Si llevan un asterisco al principio es que tienen multijugador online (solo lo he puesto en los recomendados). Hay que decir que alguno ni lo he probado todavía, tengo saturación jajaja.

Respecto a las cuentas:
-No borréis el perfil una vez lo hayáis empleado
-GASTAR HOY LOS PUNTOS. La descarga la podéis hacer en otro rato, lo importante es dejar la cuenta a 0.
-Para cualquier duda, pegadme un toque. :D

-Shank 1200 MP
-DeathSpank 1200 MP
-DeathSpank: T.o.V. 1200 MP
-Super Meat Boy 800 MP
-*Uno Rush 800 MP (este es muy simple y me ha parecido la polla xD)
-Limbo 1200 MP
-*Lara Croft: Guardian of Light 1200 MP

-Halo: Combat Evolved 1200 MP
-Risk: Factions 800 MP
-Worms 2: Armageddon 800 MP
-Expansión Worms 2: Armageddon 400 MP
-Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD 1200 MP
-Marvel vs. Capcom 2 1200 MP
-Monday Night Combat 1200 MP
-Winterbottom 800 MP
-Halo 3 2400 MP
-Monkey Island: EE 800 MP
-Monkey Island 2: EE 800 MP
-Marathon: Durandal 800 MP
-Pack 1 Transformers:GPC 800 MP
-Ikaruga 800 MP
-Megaman 10 800 MP
-Lumines Live! 800 MP
-Trials HD 1200 MP
-Costume Quest 1200 MP
-Todos los mapas Halo 3 1360 MP
-Street Fighter 4 2400 MP
-Pack trajes alternativos Super Street Fighter IV 1440 MP
-Expansiones Red Dead Redemption 1600 MP
-Crazy Taxi 800 MP
-Faery: Legends of Avalon 1200 MP
-PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX 800 MP
-Pack completo de trajes alternativos Street Fighter IV 1000 MP
-Portal: Still Alive 1200 MP
-Pack Imágenes 1 Street Fighter IV: Ken y amigos 100 MP
-Pack Imágenes 4 Street Fighter IV: Elenco femenino 100 MP
-Kings of Fighters 2002 800 MP
-Yu-Gi-Oh! 800 MP
-Avatar Golf 400 MP
-Bankshot Billiards 2 800 MP
-Expansión Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Vietnam 1200 MP
-Pack de mapas noble Halo: Reach 800 MP
-The Snowy Mountain Dungeon – Deathspank 240 MP
-Dragon Age – Warden’s Keep 560 MP
-Dragon Age – Witch Hunt 560 MP
-Dragon Age – The Golems of Amgarrak 400 MP
-Dragon Age – Leliana’s Song 560 MP
-Dragon Age – The Darkspawn Chronicles 400 MP
-Dragon Age – Return to Ostagar 400 MP
-Castlevania HD 1200 MP
-Trials HD – Big Thrills 400 MP
-Trials HD – Big Pack 400 MP
-Expansión Borderlands – New Revolution 400 MP
-Costume Quest: Grubbings on Ice 400 MP
-After Burner Climax 400 MP
-Battlefield 1943 1200 MP
-Quake Arena Arcade 1200 MP
-The Impossible Game 80 MP
Pack imágenes Magnacarta 2 80 MP
Pack nigromante Castle Crashers 160 MP
Pack rey Castle Crashers 160 MP
Braid 800 MP
Pack imágenes Shanoa – Castlevania HD 80 MP
Pack mapas 2 Transformers WFC 800 MP
Expansión 3 Magic the Gathering 400 MP
Pack trajes Ultra Challengers SSFIV 320 MP
Pack trajes Ultra Femme Fatales SSFIV 320 MP
Pack trajes Ultra Shoryuken SSFIV 320 MP
Personaje Julius Belmont – Castlevania HD 240 MP
Personaje Maria Rendard – Castlevania HD 240 MP
Personaje Richter Belmont – Castlevania HD 240 MP
Personaje Yoko Belnades – Castlevania HD 240 MP
Mapa Beauty, Desire, Situation – Castlevania HD 400 MP

Abecedarios molones

Maximun Talking!

Esta semana estoy super creativo con el "Potosop", así que aquí va otra joyita ^^ , que no nos falte de nada =P

lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

Independance carnaval party

Le dije a Silent que habia que hacerlo y lo he creado! xD , espero que os guste o que por lo menos os riais un ratejo. Por cierto, hay 2 que no se me ocurre que poner, si teneis alguna idea comunicarmelo y lo pongo =P.

jueves, 3 de marzo de 2011

Ultra combos KO

Si no dejas que tu mente se vea perturbada por el hecho de que son un puñado de nerds pegándose con movimientos del Street fighter, es un video COJONUDO

miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

Modern Warfare - La película

AVISO: Este vídeo va hasta las cejas de SPOILERS tanto del Modern Warfare 1 como del 2. Es la ostia, pero si no queréis joderos, no le deis al play. Y si queréis joderos, luego no me lloréis. Avisados quedáis.

Mención especial al minuto 1:38, que fue donde el culo me dio vueltas en la segunda parte del juego. :D

martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

El "Gran" Galliano

Este es un video en el que aparece John Galliano, diseñador de la prestigiosa marca de alta costura Dior, hablando sobre Hitler y cómo los judíos deberían haber muerto todos gaseados....en fín...
Cabe destacar que Dior ha despedido a este personaje dado el daño que ha provocado en la imagen de la marca.

Aqui esta el video: